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Don't trust your scuba education to just anyone.  Let our extremely knowledgeable and experienced dive team help you achieve your goals. Regardless of your experience level we offer the right training and the right instructors to help you reach your goals.


Dive Equipment

Don't know what equipment is right for you?  Let our knowledgable and experienced staff help select the right equipment for your needs and skill level.  Want to dive, but down own equipment?  We offer a wide selection of rental gear for your diving pleasure.


Come check out this awesome way to experience diving

A full face diving mask is a type of diving mask that seals the whole of the diver's face from the water and contains a mouthpiece or demand valve that provides the diver with breathing gas. The full face mask has several functions: it lets the diver see clearly underwater, it provides the diver's face with some protection from cold and polluted water, it increases breathing security and provides a space for equipment that lets the diver communicate with dive buddies or a surface support team. Full-face diving masks are most often used in recreational diving to protect the face from cold water or stings, such as from jellyfish or coral, and prevent the discomfort derived from gripping a mouthpiece between the teeth for long periods..

Like local diving but hate local dive site water temperatures? Then a dry suit is in your future!

A dry suit provides thermal insulation while a diver is immersed in cold water. A dry suit protects the whole body except the head and hands. Your extremities are covered in a heavy hood and thick gloves or mittens. The main difference between dry suits and wet suits is that dry suits are designed to prevent water from entering the suit. This allows better insulation making them more suitable for use in cold water. The advantage of a dry suit is that you can then layer with warm undergarments beneath the dry suit shell. Dry suits are typically more expensive to purchase than a wet suit but if you dive in cold water they are indispensable. Dry suits can be more complex to don and they add some degree of complexity as the suit must be inflated and deflated with changes in depth in order to avoid "squeeze" on descent or uncontrolled rapid ascent due to over-buoyancy. Harrisburg's West Shore Scuba offers a variety of Dry Suits. Stop by the dive shop and we'll set you up in a dry suit customized just for you.


 Shop Services

  • Equipment Sales
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Equipment Servicing
  • Tank Visual Inspections
  • Tank Hydrostatic Testing
  • Tank Service
  • Air Fills
  • NITROX Fills (now in-house)
  • Custom Sized Wet Suits




  • Fins, Masks, and Snorkels
  • Dive Computers
  • Hoods, Vests, and Gloves
  • Scuba Tanks
  • BCD's and Regulators
  • Full Face Masks
  • Dry Suits






  • Camera Accessories
  • Dive Slates
  • Dive Bags
  • Dry Bags
  • Dive Lights, Markers, and Strobes
  • Gear Retractors
  • Dive Knives
  • Save-a-Dive Kits





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Aqua Lung/White Dry Suits
Ocean Reef


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Aqua Lung


Before Your Next Dive

  • Has your regulator/BCD been serviced?
  • Does your wet suit still fit?
  • Is your spares kit up-to-date?
  • Is your dive light functional?
  • Have all your needed accessories? 


Need to "Refresh" your skills?

Before you go on that long awaited vacation you may want to get wet with a dive refresher.  The refresher can be structures or unstructured.  You can come to a pool session, join a class, or just put on gear to get re-acquainted.

Gear Serviced?

Getting ready for a dive?  Don't forget to try on your wetsuit, test your dive computer, test your dive light, and have your gear serviced.  Bring in your regulators and tanks for a service inspection to ensure your gear is in tip top shape.  Please be safe!

Open Water Diver

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Divers Alert Network

West Shore Scuba recommends DAN Insurance.  As cautious divers, all of us plan safe dives. Accidents still can occur. 

DAN is the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities and more. One of DAN’s best-known resources is the 24-hour DAN Emergency Hotline, which stands ready every hour of the day to help scuba divers in need. DAN Members also enjoy great benefits, including TravelAssist, Alert Diver magazine, WorldCue® Planner and access to industry-leading insurance products.

DAN was the first to recognize the need for scuba divers to have insurance to help cover the cost of treatment for scuba diving injuries. DAN fulfilled that need by developing diving’s first dive accident insurance program, still the industry leader 25 years later.

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