Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

What in the heck is a Discover Scuba Diving session?  I don't know if I can breath underwater.
Well, come on out for a DSD and for a minimal cost, you can find out. You will be surprised.  Continue reading to find out how to do it.  It will be great!.

What Do I Need to Do?  What Can I Expect? 

Try-it before you Buy-it session. Don all the gear, get some basic instruction, SCUBA in the shallow end. Then, when you're comfortable, plummet to the depths of up to12 feet (depending on the pool) in the deep end.

Here's a great way to experience SCUBA diving before you commit to a SCUBA class. Get to experience the underwater world, but unfortunately without the colorful fish and coral or wrecks. It's your entry to the wonderful world of SCUBA diving.

So, here's what you want to do.

1) Click here and select the date, time and location of the facility (local pool) where you would like to experience Scuba.

2) Call the pool facility you selected and tell them you want to register for the DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) Session.  If there are any issues or concerns, please call us at the phone number at the bottom off the page.

3) Show up with your swim wear and a towel.

4) We bring in all of the equipment, including certified instructors.  We will, at your speed, assist you with donning the equipment.

Oh, and the last part, enjoy your first breath underwater.  You will not forget it.  :)


Download the Discover Scuba Statement, then call the dive shop for more information.

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Divers Alert Network

West Shore Scuba recommends DAN Insurance.  As cautious divers, all of us plan safe dives. Accidents still can occur. 

DAN is the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities and more. One of DAN’s best-known resources is the 24-hour DAN Emergency Hotline, which stands ready every hour of the day to help scuba divers in need. DAN Members also enjoy great benefits, including TravelAssist, Alert Diver magazine, WorldCue® Planner and access to industry-leading insurance products.

DAN was the first to recognize the need for scuba divers to have insurance to help cover the cost of treatment for scuba diving injuries. DAN fulfilled that need by developing diving’s first dive accident insurance program, still the industry leader 25 years later.

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