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Cozumel - SOLD OUT!



The sunny island of Cozumel is home to lush walls, protected reefs and some of the speediest drifts in the world!

November 6, 2021 - November 13, 2021

Resort: El Cid Resort

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Non-Diver Double Occupancy: $976 / person

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Six miles off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula lies Cozumel, the “Island of the Swallows.” Barely 30 miles x 9.9 miles in size, this diminutive island has become a popular scuba diving destination. Cozumel has all the ingredients for a great dive getaway – friendly locals, good food, lively nightspots, towering coral formations, warm water, great underwater visibility and white sandy beaches.

First discovered by the Mayans, Cozumel has long been an attraction for its natural beauty. These native people named Cozumel the “Island of the Swallows”. To them, it represented the sacred home of “Ixchel”, the goddess of fertility. The women of the tribe would make the arduous journey to the island at least once in their lives to sacrifice a small doll for fertility.

Fast forward a couple of hundred years and the development of facilities on the island during World War II, as well as Jacques Cousteau's declaration of his admiration for the island, secured Cozumel a place on the scuba diving map. Today, Cozumel is one of Mexico’s major tourist destinations.

Cozumel is famous among the diving community for its lush walls and high-voltage drifts. The reef system around the island is a part of the Mesoamerican reef system and is protected by the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park. As such, it is extremely healthy for a Caribbean reef and is home to 26 coral species and more than 500 species of fish.

Cozumel is suitable for all levels of diver from beginners to Tec divers. In particular, Cozumel is currently ranked as one of the top ten places for advanced diving. This is due to the deep walls and visibility that require extra vigilance. Diving in Cozumel can be completed by speedboat or from shore, depending on your preference.

There is no bad time to dive in Cozumel. In fact, the water temperatures remain constant year-round and cool only slightly during the winter months, meaning it’s possible to dive approximately 300 days of the year. On average, water temperatures vary between 78 and 82ºF.

With the heavy currents that produce the area's excellent drift dives, divers regularly spot a plethora of pelagic species. Eagle rays are another common addition to log books after visiting Cozumel. There’s also a chance of spotting green turtles, loggerhead turtles, whale sharks and sailfish during their respective migrations. The healthy Cozumel reefs also play host to a variety of tropical species. Vigilant divers may spot lobsters, groupers, stingrays, sergeant majors as well as hundreds of colorful fish.

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