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Kids PADI Seal Team AquaMissions

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Do you have a little water bug who can’t wait to get in the water but is too young to get certified? PADI Seal Team is just for them! All AquaMissions are in a pool and highly supervised.  Seal Team Members ages 8-10 will complete AquaMissions while learning and exploring underwater in the West Shore Scuba AquaMission Command Center. After they complete AquaMissions 1-5 they can choose to complete 10 additional Speciality AquaMissions to become a Master Seal Team Member.  

Equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, BCD, cylinder, regulator, SPG, and alternate air source) will be provided for each Seal Team Member and they will receive a Seal Team Log Book and decals for each AquaMission they complete. 

AquaMissions 1-5 will get Seal Team Members comfortable in the water while demonstrating skills and exploring the underwater world. 

After AquaMissions 1-5 are completed, Seal Team Members can participate in Specialty Missions to earn their Master Seal Team Membership. Those missions include: Creature ID Specialist, Environmental Specialist, Inner Space Specialist, Navigation Specialist, Night Specialist, Safety Specialist, Search and Recovery Specialist, Skin Diver Specialist, Snapshot Specialist, and Wreck Specialist. 

AquaMission 1-3 price includes: Seal Team Crew Pack (DVD, activity book, logbook, certificate, decal and digital processing code)

Seal Team Members must complete AquaMissions 1-3 before AquaMissions 4-5.

Master Seal Team Members must first complete AquaMissions 1-5 before participating in Specialty AquaMissions. 

Master Seal Team Crew Pack: $50 (Includes certificate, lapel pin and Digital Master Seal Team Application)

Specialty Missions: $40/session

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