• Cooper River Dive Trip

Cooper River Dive Trip

Cooper Rive Dive Trip


Have you always wanted to find yourself some Megaladon teeth, fossils or artifacts from the last 200 million years?  Does the thought of zero visibility on the bottom of a river sound fun to you?  

If you answered "Yes" to either of those questions, then the Cooper River may just be for you. Come and join us at West Shore Scuba on our expedtion down to South Carolina to look for the best dive souveniers a diver could ask for!



Water Temp - 75-80 Degrees

    Visibility   - 0 to 5 ft ( on the bottom)

     Current   - Medium to very strong



This is not a place for new divers.  Divers must have sufficient skills to deal with the challenging environments.   If you are unsure as to if you are prepared to dive in this environment, give us a call at the shop! 


Required Gear

1) Dive Lights - At least two lights, one of them being 2500 lumens or brighter.  The more lights you have the better! 

2) SMB & Reel


Strongly Recommend Gear

Dive Helmet - For safety as well as hands free light mounting, so that you can focus better on digging for artifacts

Stick/Tool     - For digging in and hanging on in strong current! 


!!!!! All divers hunting for fossils/artifacts in the Cooper River must have a "hobby collector's license" issued by University of SC. It's only $10, and entitles the bearer to keep everything they find!!!


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Cooper River Dive Trip

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