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Sint Eustatius, also known locally at Statia, is an island in the Caribbean.  Waters around St. Eustatius are some of the most pristine in the Caribbean. Diving is diverse with several unique habitats including walls, historical wrecks, patch reefs, macro dive sites, lava flows, boulder slides, and rock outcroppings.  Among scuba divers, Statia's diving is regarded as some of the best in the Caribbean.  Protected as the Statia Marine Park since 1996, the waters are inhabited by a host of underwater creatures from sea horses to giant octopuses, stingrays, barracudas, coral, lobster and tropical fish.

There are several underwater archaeological sites - most of these are ancient ships covered in coral. However, there is one other type of site called the ‘Blue Bead Hole.’ The blue beads hold historical importance in St. Eustatius. They were used as a reward for slaves in the 17th century.

With so many habitats, there is plenty for divers to discover. Lava flows and outcroppings make for interesting underwater panoramas. You won’t be bored in St. Eustatius.


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